Our Partners

Partner Organizations are an integral part of Rooted Designs and our business model.  The idea behind the business is that it provides me a way to give back to the communities around me while I am also about to develop entrepreneurial skills through a startup.  The way I chose to be involved with these communities is by giving 20% of each sale back to an organization that is within either the community I grew up in (Steubenville) or the campus community that I am a part of (Villanova).  Each of the 5 (and counting) partner organizations close connections to Villanova or Steubenville, which is why these are the 5 initial organizations that I wanted to partner with to launch my business.  Click each organization below to find out more information about each one individually.

Villanova College of Engineering

Villanova Best Buddies

Villanova Special Olympics

Catholic Central High School

Mary's Meals

If you are interested in partnering with us for your organization to raise money and get your name out there, please reach out!  I am always open to additional partner organizations to further the mission of helping the communities around me.  Feel free to get ahold of me using one of the mediums that can be found here.